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Millennium People (MP) is an Italian non-profit Organization made of Universities’ students, Professors and Professionals who firmly believe in the creation of a network of exceptional human resources coming from every industry and areas of expertise. Through the fundamental support of technology, MP enables the students to experiment the “learning-by-doing” method, milestone of the Organization. The Organization is born from the founders’ purpose to share their long-term experiences in the field of simulated training activities, enhanced by the dedication to technological innovation. Vision and Purpose are the drivers to an efficient spreading of knowledge, allowing the Millennials to pave their path to the future.
Logo Millennium People

Our Mission

Millennium People is a cultural non-profit-Organization actively involved in the European and International scene pursuing the following goals:

Train Millennials and young generations while raising their awareness for the civil, social and democratic values of national and international citizenship

Create a stimulating and supportive environment for young people's entrepreneurial and social initiative

Build a network of exceptional human resources sharing same the goals and values

Support and subsidize particularly valuable humanitarian causes

Millennium People strongly supports individual and collective initiatives in all areas of knowledge. The pursuit of Millennium People’s purpose has led to the creation of a high-skilled international team, strongly focused on institutional, economic and social matters.

The reaffirmation of strong processes of global socio-economic integration brings Millennium People to cooperate internationally with hundreds of personalities from every corner of the world. Every day new admirers choose Millennium People, thus ensuring an associative experience with a high educational and human value.

The Third Millennium has already shown, in these first years of the 21st century, its intrinsic nature: Digitalization, Virtual Reality, Industry 4.0, and Artificial Intelligence, clearly show the path for the future. In the training sessions and in the projects promoted and realized by Millennium People, the students, along with MP staff, will discuss the impact and implications that these great technological changes will have on our everyday life.

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